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Kent, Washington

Read what our students say about their experiences:

Ruth Marie Ballance, I'm also very grateful for all the skills I acquired from you over the short year you were my teacher. You were the one who taught me the meaning of music and how to bring it out in my playing. You were the one who encouraged (made) me to participate in my first competition, and I will be forever grateful for that and my many other experiences with you. Thank you also for teaching me how to practice. I could've never gone on without it!!

-Rachel Smith

I could tell from the first day we walked into your studio four years ago that you were a special person. I saw the energy and enthusiasm in your eyes and felt your kindness and dedication during that first lesson with Lia. We will not forget all that you have given us and know that Lia's skills and development have been forever enriched by you!

We feel so blessed to have known you these past four years! You are an incredible teacher and Lia has been so fortunate to have studied with you! Your words were always encouraging and positive - we have learned so much from you! Anyone who is your student will certainly feel the good fortune that we have felt all these years. Thank you so much!

-Dave and Nancy Kowalski

You have made me a better person and violinist and created a new vision for me on music and the violin.

-Anna Weldy

Mr. and Mrs. Ballance, thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of music with the children. I've never seen children have so much fun in a class before!

-Parent of group class student

You have helped me grow so much, both technically and musically. I look forward to my lessons every week, and even practicing is fun too. I have always loved violin, but this year I've loved it even more. Thank you for all that you've done. Being a student of yours is a highlight for me.

-Martine Thomas

You both have opened my mind to the extraordinary beauties of chamber music and it is now my dream to pursue a collaborative piano degree for my master's. Thank you for being so generous with your time during rehearsals and for being so patient with my lack of experience! I have learned so much from your chamber classes, ensemble course, and faculty recitals...

-Katie Vest, Samford University chamber music student

This has been the most beneficial seminar I’ve taken thus far. The focus changed from getting a chance to perform for peers to actually learning how to make the most of practice time, and I’ve already seen changes in my own playing because of this. Typically seminar can be something students might be tempted to “blow off”, but I have made huge personal progress as a direct result of this seminar.

-Student who took the String Seminar at Samford University with Dr. Ballance.

Dr. Ballance is the best teacher I’ve had precisely because he teaches me how to practice.

-Cello Student at Samford University

Dr. Ballance is a great chamber coach! He works well with a small group and is very skilled on his own instrument as well as instructing others.

-Chamber music student at Samford University

Dr. Ballance is fantastic, inspirational, and open-minded.

-Cello student at Samford University

Dr. Ballance has really taught us how to practice really efficiently and well. He teaches us to go a step further.

I notice that I am pickier in my practicing. I don’t let mistakes happen in my practicing now, and I work on spots instead of running through it. I have really enjoyed working with Dr. Ballance.
-Student who took the String Seminar at Samford University with Dr. Ballance

My playing/practicing has become more focussed due to seminar. I’m making the most out of my practice time. I have not only improved in my actual playing, but in my knowledge of my instrument.

-Student who took the String Seminar at Samford University with Dr. Ballance