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Renton, Washington

Creating music together with friends is a wonderfully exciting and fulfilling experience. Unlike playing in an orchestra, where many other people are playing the same part and being led by a condcutor, small ensembles give each person their own unique part. Small ensmebles work together as a team to make beautiful music.

Dr. and Mrs. Ballance frequently perform and coach chamber music groups. Students often have the opportunity to learn through playing with a professional musician, when the coach plays together with them in the ensemble. Advanced students can choose to be placed in a chamber music group with other students and receive weekly or bi-monthly coachings.

The following videos feature teenage piano students we coached during a week-long summer music festival. Many of these pianists were playing chamber music for the the first time in these ensembles.

Piano Trio in E Major, K. 542, by Mozart

Piano Trio in C Minor, Op. 1 No. 3, by Beethoven

Piano Trio in B-flat Major, Hob. XV:20, by Haydn